Trinity Community Church exists to make gospel-centered disciples of Jesus who love God and live for others in community.

Our vision is to see hundreds of people in Lake County transformed by the gospel, loving God, living for the joy of others, and making disciples of Jesus in their neighborhoods and communities.



The Gospel is the central message of the Bible and the central transforming truth of all we are as a congregation. The gospel is objective truth, it is experiential grace, and something we look through as we grow in Christ-likeness. Our other values of worship, community, and mission are shaped by this core value.



Right worship of God is the goal of the gospel. As Christians, our entire lives are to be lived in worship to God. This takes place on Sunday morning as we gather corporately to hear God’s Word preached, sing, fellowship, and celebrate communion – and throughout the week as we live and work in our communities.



God has not only reconciled us to himself, but to one another as well. This truth lies at the heart of what it means to be a community of believers. It is within community that the implications of the gospel are lived out, discipleship is embraced, people are cared for, and mission to our neighborhoods takes place. We desire to see every member of Trinity involved in a Community Group.



It is our mission as a church to make disciples of Jesus Christ who love and worship God. A disciple of Jesus is a Christian who is maturing in their faith with the help of others. We believe that it is our duty as a church to be engaged with our community and with the people in our neighborhoods to proclaim the gospel and bring about cultural renewal.